Looking for opinions on partnership idea

Hi All, 

Recently we have began expanding our market to restaurants to "private label" our products to sell to their customers.  The restaurant can sell the product for however much they want, they just email us with where the product is doing and when, and we take care of the rest. So the restaurant doesn't have to do anything, or worry about logistics. We take care of all of that. We'd imagine them offering this service when they bring the check to their customers.

 We've only approached a couple restaurants with this idea and they've been receptive. For us it seems like a great marketing opportunity for the restaurant because, 1. you are selling another thing to the customer after the check. 2. another way to market your business outside of your restaurant. 

Im curious what the take would be from other restaurants across the country. Would this be something you think would work? Any concerns? Have a better idea of going about it? Looking for opinions from everywhere!

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