This group is obviously for those of us that sell, buy or drink wine. Share, learn, discuss. This is a healthy group.

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The Sippify Wine Club!

For over 5 years, FohBoh has been providing a global platform to food and wine professionals to help you in your business. Now, in partnership with Sippify, the Wine Club will help you make smart wine decisions too. But, rather than focus on B2B wine sales, we decided to treat our business members like consumers...interesting, eh? Since, at the end of the day, all food, hospitality and wine industry professionals are consumers too. Moreover, I think as a group, we are generally better informed, knowledgeable and probably dine out more frequently than the average non-industry consumer. The Sippify Wine Club is being created with you, our professional industry members in mind.


So, let's have fun with this hyper-social online wine club. 

Register here to be kept informed as we progress toward the launch. Also, please share this email with your business colleagues and join the Sippify Wine group.



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