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Content Marketing | Brand Publishing


Content Marketing | Brand Publishing

Foodservice and Technology Brands

Content marketing is the best way to connect and engage your customers. FohBoh offers the best B2B content platform for extending your reach and syndicating your brand message to the global foodservice audience.

FohBoh offers brand marketers a unique combination of reach, relationships, context and relevance.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing or brand publishing is where foodservice brands need to be focusing their attention and investing. Native ads that convey a visual brand image combined with exacting prose, distributed and syndicated by domain experts with a publishing platform is the recipe for success.

So, why build a digital magazine and publishing arm when you can focus your time and budget on creating amazing content and leveraging FohBoh's distribution and content syndication platform? Yeah, that's what we thought too!

Value Proposition

  • Reach: Social media has overtaken email as the most popular consumer activity, according to a recent Nielsen study. Importantly, consumer growth is coming from an older demographic than social media's historical base; for example, Facebook's strongest growth is coming from 35-49 year-olds, adding twice as many 50-64-year-olds as opposed to those under 18. FohBoh's global reach leverages the physics of social networking: many-to-many, in a vertical ecosystem. Our members and readers have tremendous influence and visit FohBoh is discover new ideas and connect with peers from more than 130 countries. This ecosystem of foodservice industry professionals offers a powerful platform that extends far beyond the FohBoh community. How? We also embrace social media and as a result, our member created content is widely syndicated and published to thousands of blogs, social sites and networks worldwide.
  • Relationships: Social media and digital media publishing's strength is in the personal connections it enables, the peer-to-peer contact and easy sharing functionality that we enable, providing reasons for members to visit regularly and for extended periods of time. The relationships and connections made here, offer members and advertisers excellent opportunities to generate leads for products and services.
  • Context: FohBoh was born a foodservice social + digital media company back in 2007 - way, way ahead of the curve. Everything we do is for the benefit of the foodservice industry. Our extremely targeted market focus is all about food, restaurants, tech and media. So, as a result, nearly all of our content is about food, foodservice, guest satisfaction, operations, marketing, human resources and technologies that are absolutely transforming a $1.5 trillion industry. This industry focus with a global perspective context is what defines FohBoh.
  • Relevance: Members are engaged with the content and connections that their friends and business connections are creating because of its personal and/or professional relevance. If you are promoting a product or service targeting the foodservice industry, FohBoh offers a target-rich environment.

Foodservice vendors, manufacturers and technology providers are looking to maximize the effectiveness of this new medium and are developing social advertising that heightens relevance and engagement through the use of profile data within the ad units themselves, as well as the use of social graph data to target ads. Let FohBoh help you and your team publish, distribute, syndicate and tune your brand marketing message.

 FohBoh B2B Social Media Marketing Programs

The following outlines three social media marketing programs that offer significant value to extend your reach online, while being able to measure the effectiveness of such social media marketing campaign through FohBoh analytics.

How FohBoh creates value for your brand, product or service using the social web.

"What happens on FohBoh doesn't stay on FohBoh".

The FohBoh social media marketing program starts with our domain expertise - we get the restaurant business. Add years of experience as social media practitioners, add 10 years of Internet community development experience, plus rich food tech development and a dash  of food tech investing experience sprinkle 20,000+ members and the result is a clear understanding of how best to promote your brand on the social web.

How to start?

  1. Be a member of FohBoh. By creating both a personal and a business profile, you establish yourself as relevant and part of the foodservice community.
  2. Become an active community participant because members are drawn to subject matter experts.
  3. Invite your friends, business colleagues and associates to join FohBoh so you have connections and a growing digital footprint.
  4. Integrate into the FohBoh community by reaching out, not "spamming" other members that could be good connections for business. The more relevant connections you have the more social currency will be generated.
  5. Join or form a group to nest into even smaller content affinity.
  6. Commit to a content strategy that fully leverages FohBoh's reach, massive syndication engine and technology platform designed for sharing.
  7. Contact or call 650-206-8405 to discuss our content marketing and B2B social media services to boost your message.

Once you become a Social Media Marketing client, we work hard to promote and expose you to the social web beginning with FohBoh, the Restaurant Community as well as all of our digital media assets.

The goal is to increase your digital footprint and "social presence" as it relates to your brand, brand message, product or service, leading to more traffic to your door with qualified leads. Let us help you craft a social media strategy that will accelerate your brand message in this target rich environment.

Content marketing goes way beyond display advertising. It is interactive and layered, uses native and message ads and content that educates, informs or entertains the reader. It includes infographic, news, stories and offers. It's a holistic social and brand publishing strategy.

The Platforms
We have our favorites, but we all know the big five: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + FohBoh. They have effectively won the social networking war as the platforms of choice. But, context and relevance is key. Targeting your message to the right listener is a key to a successful social media marketing campaign.

According to emarketer, an advertiser on Facebook gets a 0.01% CRT. 5% of clicks lead to sales. With 100 clicks, an advertiser would receive 5 sales. That means that facebook needs to show 1 million ads to get 100 clicks to get 5 sales. Sales could mean $1 million or $5.00. Return on investment is predicated on (1) Social media marketing strategy, (2) campaign development, (3) Campaign monitoring and (4) effective targeting to a the right B2B audience - "Fish with the right bait", as they say.

Recent changes to Facebook's algorithm have reduced it's effectiveness from 25% reach to less than 5%. Facebook clearly wants brands to pay for adverting to their mass audience.

FohBoh is a different tactic for your brand publishing and content marketing strategy. We are vertical B2B social network and digital media publisher, with a highly targeted audience. 

For more information please contact use. We will work with you to develop a brand publishing program to suit your needs.

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Content Marketing Programs

Brand Publishing | Content Marketing 

Leverage FOHBOH as your digital media publishing arm for your products, services and brand image. Here are opportunities:

Paid: Net to client for 30 day terms

+Boost: Per insertion for up to four relevant platforms including FOHBOH

Promote: + Boost plus actively promoting via four relevant platforms including FOHBOH

Socialize: +Promote for five day term

Evangelize: +Promote for 14 day term